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Just so I make things clear to all, my doubts on Trump do not mean that I don’t like the guy because I DO! I have the very same concern for some of Cruz’s comments and actions…Truth, lies, I am tired of all this Political game. The one I trust the most is Marco Rubio but unfortunately his views on taxes and Immigration go against my convictions. Kasich pointed it so well during the last debate..instead of a demolition, why aren’t the candidates fighting for their convictions instead of the..he said, she said, he did or did not do..etc… Jeb Bush was right to stand for his Brother, he was an Amazing President to me! I am not expecting anyone to agree with me, this is my opinion.

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Without faith, hope, a sense of meaning, a sense that personal choices matter and that effort pays off, individuals won’t strive to be free.

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“Ben Carson is a black conservative who is not part of the political establishment, and is running quite strong in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination. That has the media in a snit for all kinds of reasons. They don’t like black conservatives (OK, any conservatives, but especially blacks who dared to venture off the liberal plantation). They don’t like people who aren’t part of the political class daring to operate on their turf…”~ Herman Cain

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If you believe that Sharia Law is consistent with the United States Constitution, then you ought to stop reading this e-mail right now.If, however, you believe that Ben Carson is right, that anyone who submits to Sharia Law should not be elected President of the United States, then I urge you to stand with Dr. Ben Carson today.

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Date: Tuesday, 6 October 2015

I’m deeply concerned about the future of our country. I know of no nation in history that has agreed to guarantee the means of its own destruction.

But that is exactly what President Obama is doing by pushing his nuclear deal with Iran. And the results may be catastrophic.
President Obama has adopted a foreign policy based on appeasing our adversaries, abandoning our allies, and apologizing for this great nation. His policies have done great damage to our security and the need to reverse course is urgent. 

Let me be frank – approval of this deal will not prevent a nuclear Iran. By removing restrictions on Iran’s ballistic missile program, this agreement will give Iran the means to launch a nuclear attack on the U.S. homeland.

Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many.

This very moment, President Obama is asking us to trust the word of the world’s worst state sponsor of terror – a regime with “Death to America” as a pillar of its national policy.
I know you agree with me that arming and funding Iran while simultaneously providing them a pathway to a nuclear arsenal is not an act of peace. It is madness.
Americans are tired of weakness. We’re tired of betrayals. We need a leader who understands America’s unique role in the world and doesn’t apologize for American exceptionalism, but embraces it.
I know you’ll agree, neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton are that leader.

Exceptional doesn’t just expose the failures of Obama’s reckless foreign policy, it provides a look at the path forward and the steps needed to restore American leadership both at home and abroad.
It describes the kind of leader we desperately need in the White House. This exclusive GOP offer to get a signed copy of our new book is only available through the RNC — and only for a limited time.

Get your signed copy of Exceptional by contributing $59.99 to the RNC today.
Thank you,
Vice President Dick Cheney

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Dear President Obama, Democratic Party and Liberal- You want peace with Iran, it will never happen. You can’t have peace with someone that tells you “we will wipe you off the face of the earth.” Then these same lunatics turns around in the same breath and say that “we will destroy your most trusted ally, Israel”. This Iran deal will bring war to Israel doorsteps. We will be wise to be on the side of God’s chosen people. If we think for one second, that us coming again Israel will end well for us, how so very wrong we are. Any nation that comes against Israel will not win. We must elect people that will STAND with Israel. To the Elected Republican Congress you should be ashamed of not doing more. You told us that if elected we would STOP President Obama AGENDA, so far you have done nothing and for that you are part of the problem. America God is our strength. We have elected foolish men to lead us that don’t acknowledge the One True Living God. We can’t expect God’s blessings when He is not allowed in our laws and in many of our hearts. AMERICA WAKE UP. P.S. Before people start with the hating, I DON’T CARE.

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Big news happened today. Planned Parenthood testified on Capitol Hill.
Fittingly for an organization that murders 300 thousand children a year, it was a bloodbath. Planned Parenthood lies about literally everything, nothing they say about anything can ever be believed or taken seriously, and every point and every statement they make is either an obvious untruth or a really obvious untruth. You can only imagine, then, what happens when these people are forced to give honest answers under oath. It’s like opening an overflowing garbage can after it’s been sitting out in the hot sun for a week. Only, in this case the garbage can is filled with the dismembered remains of murdered infants.
The stench of death and lies seeps out of every Planned Parenthood clinic, so when forced for the first time in their history to actually admit to a few basic facts, the results were devastating. Or they should be devastating and they would be if we lived in a culture that possessed even the faintest affection for the truth.
It started badly for Cecile Richards and company when a forensic analysis earlier in the day determined that the undercover Planned Parenthood videos were not manipulated or deceptively edited at all. Even the shills Planned Parenthood hired to investigate the videos last month concluded that there was no “widespread evidence of substantive video manipulation.” We’ve now had two forensics investigation, one paid for by Planned Parenthood, that have both confirmed the authenticity of the videos. Still, Cecil Richards breathlessly repeats the claim that the videos were “doctored” despite two separate investigations — including her own — explicitly stating otherwise.
As I said, these people lie about everything. This is the level of dishonesty we’re dealing with. Total. Complete. Pathological. They could stare at a brick wall two feet from their faces and tell you it isn’t there (of course, I would then insist they run into it headfirst to prove their point). As noted late term abortionist Adolf Hitler once said, if you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it. Planned Parenthood tells the same lies every day, all day, unrelentingly, and the dupes in this country choose to believe it.
Cecile Richards’ testimony was disastrous. She was forced to sit quietly as Rep. Chaffetz outlined how Planned Parenthood — a “non-profit” — spends millions of dollars on lavish parties, banquets, travel, and exorbitant salaries. The head of the nation’s largest abortion provider then reported that her position at this humble little charitable child killing outfit pays her over half a million dollars a year. Next, after repeatedly claiming on the record that Planned Parenthood performs mammograms, she had to admit precisely none of her 600+ clinics conduct the procedure. To be clear: this is a lie she told, a lie her supporters repeated ad nauseum, and a lie she just admitted was a lie under oath. This is a woman with no shame, but I suppose you could expect nothing less from a person who pays activists to throw condoms at presidential candidates (another worthy venture for taxpayers to fund).
Things only got worse for Baby Killers R Us from there. When asked if a child born after a failed abortion would be provided care, she said she’d “never heard of that circumstance happening.” It was a fascinating statement considering abortion survivors just testified in front of this very same committee. I guess denying the existence of people who were just in the room was, in her estimation, a better strategy than admitting they’d let the child die right in front of them, as Planned Parenthood officials have testified in the past.
Later, Richards had to confirm that Planned Parenthood raked in 127 million dollars “in excess of revenue” last year, while dramatically reducing the number of “additional services” it provides. Now, I’m no economist, but I’m pretty sure “excess” revenue is the same as profit. So today we learned — although some of us have known it for years — that the “non-profit” tax funded Planned Parenthood actually earns over 100 million dollars of profit. Only in the nightmarish fantasy land of pro-abortion propaganda could 127 million dollars in profit equal no dollars in profit. I wonder, precisely at what point does profit become profit? Could Apple call itself non-profit by this logic? Is Microsoft a charity? Is McDonald’s really nothing but a philanthropic endeavor? If a company can make nine figures in profit and still be non-profit, haven’t we effectively destroyed the meaning of the term?
But the most significant moment came early on when Cecile Richards again confessed to being a dirty rotten liar, admitting that abortion does not account for “3 percent of their business,” as she and her minions have repeatedly claimed, but in fact abortion is a full 86 percent of their non-tax funded revenue. As some of us have been saying for years, abortion is almost their entire business. Everything else is a smokescreen. A charade. It’s like a store that sells old VHS Disney tapes in the front and hardcore porn behind a door in the back. Everyone knows it’s really a porn shop. Just like everyone knows Planned Parenthood is an abortion warehouse and nothing more. 
Of course, none of this matters much. Planned Parenthood supporters have largely sold their souls and their brains. If you’re willing to defend an organization that kills over a quarter of a million human beings every year, I wouldn’t expect you to be too concerned about stupid, pesky little things like honesty and truth. 
Regardless, we should all take notice of the fact that the entire Planned Parenthood narrative just crumbled and fell apart on live TV this afternoon. 
Some might consider this a notable development.

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Why poverty is a conservative issue http://hennessysview.com/2015/09/08/why-poverty-is-a-conservative-issue/ via @whennessy

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Stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon!

Time for action on the Iran deal is quickly ticking by, and we need your help! Your elected officials will return to Washington, D.C., after Labor Day. Once they return, both your senators and House representative will vote on whether or not to approve President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.
This deal is a “win-win” for Iran, but it’s a losing plan for the U.S. and our allies in the Middle East. The current deal will not prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. You have the opportunity to make an impact! Every day additional Republicans and Democrats are coming out in opposition to the Iran deal, called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).
Despite bipartisan opposition, the president has threatened to veto a Resolution of Disapproval from Congress. That is why we need your help. Please join with us and contact your Member of Congress with a request to stop this dangerous deal. You can make the difference.
Talking Points:

If implemented, this deal would give Iran $150 billion in immediate sanctions relief.

If implemented, this deal ends the arms embargo on Iran that was imposed because of Iran’s support for international terrorism.

If this deal is not stopped, Iran will eventually get nuclear weapons. As a result, our children will likely face the threat of a nuclear-capable Iran.

Congress should NOT approve a deal that does not allow independent U.S. inspections of Iran’s military laboratories, which this deal does not do.


Please call your two senators and your House representative and urge them to oppose the Iran deal. You can look up their office numbers by entering your zip code at http://www.senate.gov or http://www.house.gov (top right corner of each website).

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